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Take Charge of Your Health

These guides can help you learn about various health care topics.

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A Patient's Guide to a Hospital Stay

This guide gives practical information to patients entering the hospital.

Assisted Living in Florida

For information on adult day care centers, adult family care homes, and assisted living facilities.

Life Course Planning - A Practical Planning Guide

This brochure provides an overview of end-of-life issues and practical planning.

Health and Human Services Programs

This pamphlet introduces consumers to various health and human services programs available through Florida state agencies.

Emergency and Urgent Care

This brochure provides information about facilities that provide health care services in either an emergency department or urgent care center setting.

 Urgent Care Guide
 ER vs. Urgent Care
Health Care Advance Directives

Health Care Advance Directives state, in advance, what kind of treatment you want or do not want under special, serious medical conditions that would make you unable to tell a doctor how you want to be treated.

Home Health Care in Florida

This guide gives information about Home Health Care.

Long-Term Care

This guide gives information about long-term care options.

Nursing Home Care in Florida

This brochure provides information to help you choose a nursing home.

Patient Safety

This brochure looks at medical errors and steps you can take to protect yourself.

Patient's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Florida Patient Bill of Rights and

Understanding Prescription Drug Costs

This brochure can help you understand the pricing of prescription drugs and ways to reduce drug costs.